One week in Sydney

So we’re sat in a laundrette waiting for our washing and now seems like a good time to catch up on the blog.


Bondi to Tamarara walk

We arrived in Sydney on Tuesday 20th January around midday. We decided to have a couple of hours sleep to revive and then head out to explore the city cue turning my alarm of in my sleep and us waking up at 9pm! After trapesing around bondi junction we found somewhere to get food and we headed back to the hotel.


Bondi beach

Luckily we weren’t too out of kilter and managed to get up early the next day and start exploring our new neighbourhood. A walk down to Bondi beach was the plan with a view to walking the coast path to Coogee.


Bondi Beach

Jon was in desperate need of a hair cut so half way down Bondi road he ducked into a barbers which was a cool haven from the oppressive Australian heat. When we arrived at Bondi beach it quickly dawned on us that we hadn’t brought our swimming stuff and considering how hot it was this was a big mistake. I probably would’ve gone in fully clothed if Jon hadn’t have been there.


View back to Bondi


Tamarara to Bronte

After lunch we headed for the coast path. This is a very popular route with the fitness obsessed sydneysiders. We mooched along taking in the great scenery. As it hadn’t cooled down all that much we only made it as far as Bronte beach before we were worn out and incredibly sweaty. So we headed for home via a bike shop and a very steep hill.




Bronte to Clovelly

Over the next few days we started looking for flats in the eastern suburbs that lie along the coast path from the previous day. We also headed over to Manly to check out what all the hype was about.

Manly is a really chilled out seaside town with a city. There are several beaches. It’s a half an hour boat ride from circular quay across the harbour. When we went it was a lovely sunny and after our swim fail at Bondi we were hoping to sample what swimming manly had to offer. Unfortunately we were once again thwarted as the lifeguards shut beach just after we got there as the conditions became too dangerous. So we headed to the pub instead. We’d heard there was an interesting microbrewery so we headed there and were not disappointed. I stuck to the cider and ginger beer but Jon sampled a pale ale and disgusting american beer. It was good to find out the beer isn’t as bland as we had been led to believe it would be.


View towards Coogee



We finished the coast walk we started at the beginning of the trip. So it was back to Bronte and on to our destination of Coogee. When we got to Coogee we headed straight into the Coogee Pavilion for a few bevvies. For dinner we went to a Brazilian restaurant, it was only when we arrived we found out it was all you can eat. The chefs constantly cooked different meat, steak, chorizo sausages, lamb chops, the waitresses brought it all round as well as a selection of salads to make us feel better. It quickly became clear we were out of our depths and you really needed to have not eaten for at least a week before being able to sample everything. It was really tasty, we particularly liked the chilli steak. We then rolled ourselves back up the hill to the hotel in Bondi junction.


Watsons Bay

It was also Australia Day during our first week. It was the first day of absolutely crap weather. It poured with rain all day. So we took the opportunity to flat hunt a little before heading up to Watson’s Bay for a couple of drinks. (There is a theme developing). The rain subsided long enough for us to enjoy a beer or two outside on the dockside. We then headed to circular quay to see the fireworks. Although we couldn’t remember where or what time they were on. We walked round looking for somewhere to eat, we got thoroughly soaked through in the process and ended up missing the fireworks! We saw them from a distance and they were really impressive even through the rain.


The view from balcony

We were lucky enough to secure an apartment early in the second week. Renting works differently here, you can’t just view a property, say you’re interested and that’s that. Here you have to go to an open inspection (viewing) then fill out an application and the landlord reviews all the applications and decides who wins. So we won a great top floor one bed flat with a great balcony and lovely view of the sea. The only problem is they also don’t do furnished properties here, not even a fridge or washing machine. So we hired a car and hot footed it to ikea to cheaply furnish our place with the exact same furniture we had in England. We managed to fit a bed, sofa, 2 side tables, 2 chairs and a dining table plus some miscellaneous items into the one car, well nearly, we had to strap the mattress to the roof. We decided it would be rude not to make the most of the car whilst we had it, so we headed out of Sydney to see what New South Wales had to offer.


How much can you fit in a hire car?


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